Sales & Marketing Associate, Full-Time Remote

Immediate opening | Application deadline: April 30, 2021

Job Overview

If being paid to cultivate relationships with inspiring, heart-centered entrepreneurs from around the world sounds too good to be true, we promise you’re not dreaming.

The opportunity to flex and deepen your natural strengths as a sales and marketing professional in an entrepreneurial environment is here!

Your dream role awaits within a fast-growing virtual marketing agency that practices REAL work-life balance (evenings & weekends are for Netflix and good books) and prioritizes laughter as the first requirement in getting the job done.

About The Opportunity

Known for amplifying the voices of online personal and professional development experts (think the next Brené Brown or Deepak Chopra), Orisha Creative is seeking a full-time, Sales & Marketing Associate who will work closely with our small but mighty team to deliver an unforgettable community experience for all stakeholders that sparks new sales, glowing referrals, and lasting relationships.

The Ideal Candidate

As the ideal candidate you…

...Thrive where you’re encouraged to be your most creative self and bring ALL your ideas to table.

...Are a true social butterfly who knows how to engage a room, even if that room happens to be a Zoom call or a Facebook group.

...Have an affinity for entrepreneurship though you are NOT seeking freelance or self-employment at this time.

...Come alive when you are jamming sales & marketing strategies and messaging with a team.

...Love rolling up your sleeves and working through all the details that bring a campaign to life.

...Are a natural wordsmith and are eager to grow your messaging and copywriting skills.

...Have a healthy obsession with personal growth and are a marketing nerd through and through.

You are also someone who receives true satisfaction from:

  • Selling solutions that truly make a difference.
  • Staying at the pulse of the ever-changing digital sales and marketing landscape.
  • Being able to work in environments that feed your creativity.
  • Working with an organization that isn’t just here to worship the almighty dollar but rather seeks to make a positive contribution to this world starting with its core employees. 

Scope of Work

Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to): 

Building Orisha’s relationships and reputation online:

  • Presenting new ideas for our organic growth.
  • Collaborating to create strategies and campaigns that amplify our visibility.
  • Creating content including emails and social media posts.
  • Scheduling content using SaaS like Mailchimp and Planable.
  • Managing engagement and direct message communications on our social platforms.

Supporting the end-to-end client experience from the sales process through to service delivery.

  • Identifying and pre-qualifying prospects through social interactions.
  • Managing sales and customer service inquiries.
  • Setting up consultations and sales calls.
  • Onboarding new clients and preparing them to succeed in the delivery process.
  • Creating client deliverables including email marketing and social media content following our proprietary system.

Candidate Requirements

Please note: these are our IDEAL qualifications NOT non-negotiable criteria. We want this to be clear because research shows that applicants who are female or non-binary, as well as applicants who are Indigenous and/or people of colour, tend not to apply for positions they are not 100% qualified for based on listed requirements.

If you believe you have what it takes to do the job, please do apply even if you feel you do not meet all of the following qualifications. The secret code word to apply is MAGIC.

  • At least 3 years of marketing experience, preferably in an agency environment.
  • At least 3 years experience in conversion copywriting or email marketing. (Not just writing emails...but writing persuasive copy to SELL).
  • Direct sales or social selling experience.
  • A+++ written and verbal English skills and the ability to accurately edit written work.
  • Graphic design and / or video editing experience.
  • Experience with remote team communication tools (ie. Slack, Zoom, Asana or Teamwork).
  • Impeccable time management.
  • A remote workspace with a high-speed internet connection.
  • The ability to travel for training and occasional in-person meetings in the Halton region (1-2x per month when safe to do so).
  • Legally eligible to work in Canada.

About The Employer

Built intentionally as a virtual agency with a team of kick ass contractors and freelancers, the Sales & Marketing Associate role is our second full time hire at Orisha Creative.

The successful candidate will be mentored to take on a leadership role within the organization as we grow if excellence is demonstrated.

In other words, though we are a boutique agency with a small team, if you measurably contribute to our overall growth, there is a huge opportunity to expand your role and compensation over time if desired. The ideal candidate is seeking a career building role with growth potential vs. a short-term opportunity to earn a paycheck.

It’s also important to know that Orisha Creative is a Black-owned business committed to creating a diverse and inclusive team that offers competitive opportunities for all qualified humans. However, priority will be given to candidates who belong to marginalized groups until these groups are no longer significantly underemployed in Canada.

How To Apply

Please email us a document or video that answers the following questions with the secret code as the subject line:

  • Why is this role your DREAM role?
    We know what’s a fit for us; we want to know why this is a fit for you!
  • What will you contribute to Orisha Creative if hired as our Sales & Marketing Associate?
    You’re excited about this role because you know how to market and sell, right? Go ahead and sell us on what you’ll bring to the table!
  • Your exact compensation requirements 
    As a young company, we recognize that the right team member has the potential to help us grow exponentially, so while we’re budgeting based on the reported salary average for similar roles, we are willing to consider compensation that aligns with the contribution you know you can deliver.

    If you know your contribution will be above and beyond the average Sales & Marketing Associate, this is your opportunity to communicate a compensation structure that reflects that! 

    If you pick a compensation structure that makes sense given where our business is at, and everything else in your application looks good, we will interview you.

    If you come in higher than we know we can possibly agree to, we won’t waste your time, even if the rest of your application is perfect.

    Finally, if you don’t give a number at all, your application will go unread. 

    As a guide, the average Sales & Marketing Associate in Canada earns $45,768 CAD / year according to

    We expect to compensate the successful candidate +/- $10,000, commensurate with the results you can deliver to our organization.

Oh and we are happy to see your official resume and writing samples, however our primary focus will be on your answers to the above questions at this point in the application process. 

Please include the secret code in the subject line and email
info@orishacreative.com with your responses to be considered. 

Applications close April 30th, 2021.